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Image result for common rainbow children characteristics and traits

 Not being superficial or anything controversial.

Just on Cosmic level or Imagination.....Suppose everyone on earth is from earth. There are those who are here on Planet Earth:---
 from other planets and civilizations  and other universes.
 And though they walk around wrapped up in human bodies & many of them have forms that are not  even human. 
Many are drawn to animals and other life forms on earth that, in fact, closely resemble their true form. 
For example, some are very drawn to Dolphins; there is a race of Beings called the Nommos who live on a planet in the Sirius star system. There are other factors indicating a starseed identity.

                                  Image result for common rainbow children characteristics and traits

>They have an intense sense of loneliness.

>They feel like they don’t belong in their earth family.

>They have a fascination with the stars and feel as though their home is out there, but they can’t remember where.

>They begin to question the ways of earth at an early age. Many are the black sheep of their family.

>They are drawn to metaphysics seeking answers to why they feel so alone and why they don’t seem to fit in on earth.

>Many have an adversarial relationship with the parent of the opposite sex.

>The majority of starseeds have the facial shape of their mother but the remainder of their physical body is like that of their fathers, or the other way around depending on which parent is the real parent, the starseed parent from off planet. This is done for a reason.

>Lower than normal body temperature and inability to handle heat.

The majority of starseeds and walk-ins 
carry the Crystal Gene for DNA Recoding/Ascension.
 Once activated, the crystal gene allows for clearer guidance with beings on other dimensions. It acts as a guidance system of sorts, keeping the individual on course in their respective mission. It allows for quicker understanding of the emotional blocks that must be cleared in order to recompile DNA.

Persons calling themselves star seeds find that they share in common feelings of isolation or loneliness, as though they don’t quite fit in  to Earth institutions and current events. 
“A majority of starseeds are assigned here, or volunteered to incarnate at this time to help assist earth and humanity with the Ascension process.

The ascension process involves the raising of energy to a higher vibrational frequency.
 For individuals this involves a shift from a denser and egoic state of duality consciousness to a more unity and heart based consciousness.”

Image result for common rainbow children characteristics and traits

Appearances and Specifications

Physical attributes.

 This is a bit more iffy.
 Earth humans are anyway an amalgam of all kinds of genetic tinkering by a variety of space races but you MAY have brought some of your physical attributes with you, but this is less important than the spiritual attributes.
 Your genetics will determine a “band of possibility” and your spirit body MAY pull your physical body in a direction that is quite different from what your genotype might have expressed with another host in it. 
So: do you look markedly different from the rest of your family? 
If you are of Pleiadian origin you may have some of the following unexpected characteristics: almond-shaped eyes which might also be larger than expected, blonde hair, pale skin, blue or blue-grey eyes, “roman nose” (no dip on the bridge – straight in profile) tall and with a slender build. 


 Your eyes are probably light sensitive. The Earth is a particularly harsh-light environment. You would probably want low-light compared to many others. 

Cold climate adapted.

 You most likely don’t like to be too warm and struggle to loose heat in warm climes. Other will be playing out in the sun and you will be sweltering in the shade. The corollary is that you are comfortable when it is cool and others are huddled over a heater.

Metaphysically oriented or anti-religious.

 You just can’t buy into Earth religions. You may have tried very hard, even repeatedly to “fit in” with one or more of these belief systems but always they leave you feeling dissatisfied.
 You may consequently reject “belief” out of hand or you may choose to find some alternative beliefs that suit you better – you will quite possibly start formulating your own system of belief. You are also most likely to have some form of psychic ability – ESP, clairvoyance…or everything. 
    Not date and time conscious.
     You’re probably terrible with remembering things like birthdays, you struggle to keep to a schedule or  just black-out or get blank and are often way early or very late for appointments. This date and clock thing just doesn’t want to work out for you. You are the BOSS of your Own...kind of thing.
       You love gadgets and equipment and have a natural aptitude with figuring out how they work. You’re quite likely to love them so much that you read the instruction manual “just for fun”. 

         You will experience Earth as being quite a violent, aggressive angry place. You may or may not be able to find aggression within yourself but either way you would choose for the world around you to become more harmonious and peaceful.
         You do not desire to control others and you reject others control of you. You can’t bear cruelty to animals, children, women abuse or anything like that. If there were a war you would probably not fight but choose to be a pacifist instead. 

          Gender equality and ambiguity. 
          You probably don’t get the whole gender role thing. You regard your partner as an equal and expect the same thing back. The whole “battle of the sexes” thing is just absurd to you. You may also be something other than heterosexual. If you are, you’re probably not too concerned with finding a label for what you are. You could also be quite androgynous in your look. 

            Animals and nature.
             You have a great love and respect of nature in all its manifestations: Gaia, forests, mountains, the sea, animals etc. You especially feel a deep mystical connection with dolphins and whales as you understand that they are somehow your “siblings” rather than “dumb animals”. 

              Not money-system oriented.
               The system of money=power and corporate structures and this kind of thing is not your way. That is not to say that you cannot make your way in it or even become very successful in this system, but you will always be uncomfortable in it if you do. 
              You dislike routine and structured environments. You are a non-conformist and just don’t fit into a rigid work environment. You don’t respect authority – someone must show themselves worthy of your respect. Combine this with the fact that you quickly get bored and you make a very poor wage slave indeed!
               You will often harbour dreams of just “dropping out” – going to farm or joining a hippie community or some such. Or you’ll actually do this. You anyway don’t like the concept of money much and would rather be valued for who you are than what you can buy. This issue is compounded by the fact that you hated school (or any education) this is because Earth education systems use conformist mechanisms and teach by instruction rather than shared or experiential learning. 

                 You like to escape into flights of creative fantasy and will build whole “ideal worlds” in your head. You are also drawn to the hallucinogenic experience to enhance this. 
                A negative aspect of this is when the escapist tendency overwhelms: this world is hard and cruel and difficult and you might be prone to using drugs, alcohol or other means to escape the pain that you feel. In so doing you fail to engage and fail to improve the world (as you originally intended) this only compounds the problem and makes you more self destructive.
                 You are prone to depression if you don’t take control of your life and your experiences. You may also be prone to a variety of psychoses and neuroses due to the spiritual fracturing that you feel here not conforming with the unity consciousness you were expecting. 
                   You are very creative and love other peoples creative outputs.
                   Music, art, architecture, beautiful cooking… whatever. This touches you deeply. 
                    Easy belief.
                     You can quite easily believe in the existence of UFO’s and extra-terrestrial beings.
                     These things are not strange to you. The concept of “all is one” is also quite comfortable for you.

                    They are often called as:-Walk-ins/Wanders;Reincarnated Angels;Reincarnated Elementals;Wise Ones;Hybrids;Blue Rays;Ascended Masters;Lightworkers;Wayseers..........
                    Many people believe that there has been a wave of individuals being born in order to change the old ‘Iron’ and industrial way of life to more ‘enlightened’ and spiritual. You’ve probably heard about ‘Indigo Children’ and ‘Lightworkers’ across the internet.Lightworkers are just a consequence the ways of the modern world have brought to the human psyche.

                    JUST A BIT OF EXPLANATION.

                    A Lightworker

                    A Lightworker is a person who can sense that there’s a lot of healing to be done on a large scale to the world. The modern ways of life are disharmonious and harmful to ourselves and Nature, which we are all a part of. 
                    This results in subconscious awareness that something needs to be done, especially in people who are born into the modern society.
                    Newer generations are unbound from ‘the chains’ people who were constructing the modern society have been imprisoned with. 
                    The chains I am referring to are actually their investment of energy, their mindset and character developed in a different era, with far less available information. 
                    These new generations can clearly see the bigger picture and what doesn’t work. That’s why they have a heightened sense to fix the world.

                    DIFFERENCE IS SLIM BUT SURE

                    Just like there are popular terms in the science community addressing these new generations as ‘generation x’, ‘generation y’ and ‘generation z’, there are terms in the spiritual movement addressing these generations as ‘Indigo Children’, ‘Crystal Children’ and ‘Rainbow Children’.

                    TYPOLOGY OF LIGHTWORKERs 

                    What kind of a lightworker are you

                    INDIGO CHILDREN:

                    • Born between the 1960s and the 1990s;
                    • Rebellious and warrior in spirit;
                    • Despises the system;
                    • Loves to isolate;
                    • Fond to addictions;
                    • Stubborn;

                    CRYSTAL CHILDREN:

                    • Born between 1980s and 2000s;
                    • Strong and pure hearted;
                    • Highly developed imagination and creativity;
                    • Extremely empathetic and emotional;
                    • Passionate about supernatural phenomena and superheroes;
                    • Easygoing;

                    RAINBOW CHILDREN:

                    • Born after the new millennium;
                    • Positive and happy;
                    • Technologically advanced and easy in understanding new gadgets;
                    • Loving and hard to contain;
                    • Loves animals, Nature and possibly vegan;
                    • Free;

                    THe MEANing :--

                    Indigo Children

                    Indigo children are born between the 1960s and the 1990s really similar as the baby boomers of the generation x.
                    They are rebellious and unable to conform to dysfunctional situations at home, work, or school. They are warriors in spirit.
                    They want to rage against the corrupted system that governs society and this trait projected itself into the art, the music, the movies, the movements and the lifestyle of their youth.
                    They experimented with psychedelic substances, they forced their mind to be opened.
                    All of this resulted in creation of new businesses and inventions that changed the future forever, like the internet.

                    Crystal Children
                    Crystal children are most likely to be the children of people from generation x. 
                     They are born around 1990s and 2000s slightly differing from generation y
                     which addresses people born between 1980s and 2000s. 
                    However, the characteristics of crystal children and generation y individuals are almost exactly the same.
                    They are intuitive, spiritually aware and passionate about supernatural subjects. They have highly developed imagination and creativity. They understand things easily, they are extremely empathetic and very easy going. 
                    This contradictory schism between their emotions forces them to use drugs, to visit psychiatrists, feel high levels of anxiety, have panic attacks and sometimes even more serious issues with their mental health.
                    They are born in a transition time, in a period where humanity made its biggest leap with technological advancement which affected all areas of society. 
                    They grew up in times without internet and times when you cannot imagine how you lived without internet. This transition happened in only 10 years period, which is REALLY small amount of time for such great change. 
                    This affected their way of seeing the world. It’s like they were forced to raise their consciousness in an accelerated rate. But that’s ok because they are strong enough, like crystals.
                     They always see the world with pure eyes, which additionally adds to their ‘crystal children’ description.
                    Because of their flawless imagination, purity of heart and chastity of strength, they are attracted to the cosmic &; super-natural phenomena. 
                    Their art, music, movies, businesses, even their lifestyles may even get inspired and driven from various superheroes they idolized while they were growing up.
                    Traits of Crystal Children
                    Summed -up
                    *Born in 1995 or later
                    *Large eyes with an intense stare.
                    *Have magnetic personalities.
                    *Are highly affectionate
                    *Talk late in life.
                    *Are very musically inclined
                    *Use telepathy and self invented sign language to communicate.
                    *May be diagnosed with autism.
                    *Are even-tempered sweet and loving.
                    *Are forgiving of others
                    *Are highly sensitive and empathetic
                    * Are connected to nature and animals.
                    *Exhibit healing abilities.
                    *Are interested in crystals and rocks.
                    *Often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past life memories.
                    *Are extremely artistic and creative.
                    *Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to "regular food".
                    *May be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance.

                    Image result for rainbow children

                    A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.In the real world, a beautiful and bright rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things getting better. The rainbow is more appreciated having just experienced the storm in comparison.

                    The Rainbow children are generally born in the year 2000 and above. In some cases, there might also be a few scouts that came to earth before 2000. 
                    The few Rainbow children that are here today are born from early Crystal scouts that were born in the 1980’s.
                    They are first incarnation never before been on earth and are here to generate unconditional love and carry the gift of empathy from birth.
                     They are born on the ninth dimension of consciousness, the dimension of collective consciousness.
                    They will play an important role to the future of the evolution of humanity as they get older.

                    Rainbow Children tend to:

                    · Have very strong wills and personalities.

                    · Be very high energy.

                    · Be very attuned to color and color vibrations around them.

                    · Have passionate creativity.

                    · Love bright clothing and colorful environments.

                    · Bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life.

                    · Expect instant manifestation of whatever they think/need.

                    · Have healing abilities.

                    · Have telepathy.

                    The Rainbow children seem to be here to implement the Divine Will and they will use their strong will and energy to build the New World on the foundation of peace and harmony the Crystal children are laying down. The Crystal children are only able to lay down that foundation because the Indigo children have already forged the path and broken down all of the old barriers. They are all-important and have to come in this sequence to accomplish their goals.

                    Rainbows are highly sensitive, loving, forgiving, and magical like the Crystal children. The difference is that the Rainbows have never before been on earth, so they have no karma to balance. The Rainbows, therefore, choose entirely peaceful and functional households. They don’t need chaos or challenges to balance karma or grow.

                    As the other Crystal children grow older, they will be the peace-loving parents who birth the new Rainbow children. The Rainbows being born right now are the scouts, and the large influx of Rainbows will occur during the years 2010 through 2030.

                    Rainbow children are absolutely open hearted, love unconditionally, and have no fear towards any stranger. Unlike the Crystal children who only display affection to people warranting their trust, the Rainbows are universally affectionate. They heal us with their huge heart chakras, and envelop us in a blanket of rainbow-colored energy that we so sorely need. They are our earth angels.

                    More About  


                     @ The INDIGO-Warriors

                    Born around 1925 but the influx came in around 1970 through to 80’s.

                    They have indigo auras likely described  as the “Spiritual Light Warriors”. They are here on this planet to break the age-old molds & to modify the  same.

                    They can be induced with the following notable qualities:--

                    ~ Creative
                    ~ Prefer leadership positions rather than working in a team
                    ~ Anger towards politics
                    ~ Desire to change the world
                    ~ Had spiritual interests at a young age
                    ~ Psychic abilities
                    ~ Loath repetitious work
                    ~ Reject the norm, tradition or what is expected by society
                    ~ Always ask why
                    ~ Empathy for others yet an intolerance of stupidity
                    ~ Very sensitive,can suffer from depression
                    ~ Seek meaning in life

                    @The CRYSTAL-Combatants

                      Crystal ones are  Born in 1980-2010 and the influx was around 2000.They are significantly very gentle souls who have an unusual Opalescent aura with multi-coloured pastel hues in their auras. 
                      They have incarnated to help us to connect back to our original source and to bring peace and harmony.

                      Certain notable features:-

                      ~ Large/ penetrating eyes 
                      (the effect of their stare)
                      ~ Blissful tempered
                      ~ Draw other children to them
                      ~ Loving and forgiving 
                      ~Opens up  only to those they choose to trust.
                      ~ Nurturing towards animals and younger children
                      ~ Fearless
                      ~ Have healing abilities
                      ~ Love water
                      ~ Communicate telepathically
                      ~ Musically orientated
                      ~ May not speak until age 3-4
                      (May not doesn't mean Always)
                      ~ Patient
                      ~ Love to play with crystals and stones
                      ~ Affectionate
                      ~ Sensitive
                      ~ Relate to adults better unless there are children of the same vibration around
                      ~ A strong need to help others

                      ~ Choosey with the food they eat

                      @The RAINBOW-Rangers

                      Rainbow ones are those who are Mainly born after 2005 with an influx around 2010.

                      They have all the colours of the rainbow in their auras ,
                      well-equipped for the next agenda
                      and thus have incarnated to help us prepare for the next stage of the ascension process.

                      Qualities in General:

                      ~ Extremely strong willed

                      ~ High energy
                      ~ Attuned to colour and colour vibration
                      ~ Embraces life with enthusiasm and excitement
                      ~ Expects what they need to manifest instantly
                      ~ Telepathic
                      ~ Have healing abilities
                      ~ Creative and passionate
                      ~ Sensitive
                      ~ Loving
                      ~ Forgiving 
                      ~ Seems Completely open.

                      Blue Ray Beings:-

                      An Introduction

                      •  As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other rays to come. You were not recognized for your unique divine light and had to recognize yourselves. It was tricky spiritual business as you were super sensitive beings, though you had the spiritual power tools to be victories in your mission.

                      · Average age range: Late 20’s to 60’s

                      Tend to be water and air signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra with Virgo influences. 


                      Have similarities with the Indigo, Crystals and Rainbows Beings. Ultra sensitive, intuitive, can easily communicate with the higher realms. You have sacred knowledge and wisdom.

                      · Often mistaken for an Indigo.

                      · Very adaptable and empathic.

                      · Blues are more reserved and quieter than the indigos and seem mystical in the way they look. 
                      Old souls may appear to be more ethereal looking or star born.

                      · You are about communication and expression through the creative arts and spirit. It is very important for you to express yourself.
                       It’s part of you mission.

                      · May have taken many years for you to be able to speak up and be seen.

                      · Have blue in your aura or have lots of blue around you. 
                      You will also have violet to help with transmuting lower density.
                      Work with Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and the Violet Fire.

                      · Most are energy or spiritual healers as you wish to heal and help others.

                      · Are water types. Flowing, emotional, not static and associated with the divine feminine traits and archetype. 
                      Music, sound, movement, dance and nature is very important to you.
                      Air signs qualities are also synonymous with this Act of Mission  

                      · Learned how to hide your supernatural abilities and gifts, stood in the background waiting, watching, observing and always in the knowing.
                      Knows how to keep your own Low-Profile in front of others.

                      · The Waiting, Star Seed Time Line Encodement, the blues have been preparing for when events and an inner knowing will activate you to reset your course to take a higher path. 
                      This activation will attuned you to your core essence and will affect your career, hobbies, goals and relationships.

                      · Most of you were not born to enlightened consciousness spiritual parents. You had to heal and transform much family, genetic damage, emotional trauma and dysfunction first.

                      · Feel connected to the terms Light Worker, Star Born and to Pleiades, Sirius and to the esoteric studies and the evolved races of earth. 
                      Are more energetic aligned to Lemurians then to the Atlantians.

                      · Have amazing latent spiritual gifts and talent that are not fully activated.

                      · Feel out of out place in your family, feel your biological family is not your true origin. Feel you are from the stars, another planet or evolved race.

                      · Are the peacemakers with your family and with friends.

                      · Have great inner long-term persistence. You get to your destination.

                      · Very sensitive to foods, chemicals, the environment, noise and electricity.

                      · Need to drink lots of spring water that still has the life force in it, and be connected to the Deva of water[Apas](##).
                      In case you have more of Air qualities....the Atmosphere/the Environment & the Surroundings ...are more prominently seen and feels connected with The Deva of Air[Anil](##)

                      (##):--Based on informations & research of "HINDU MYTHOLOGY"

                        General Characteristics of a STAR-child:-

                        The True;The Absolute;MIX-INFLUX or The Cusp Warriors or The Early Scouts [all inclusive]
                        * Extremely sensitive to everything in their environment -sound, colors, negative emotions in others, smells, food, chemicals, pollutants, the "feel" of clothing, violence, and pain of others, group consciousness, electromagnetic frequencies, solar flares.

                        * So sensitive that they are deeply vulnerable, as well as very powerful because of their intense vulnerability. 

                        * They must have alone time. They do not live well in groups as few others understand their need for solitude, balance, rejuvenation, and deep quiet. 

                        * They must have daily communion with nature and elements. The Spirit of Nature will help them balance and clear all of the disharmonious energies that affect them so strongly. 

                        * They just plain do not understand "Man's inhumanity to Man," war, greed, etc., and thus can easily feel totally overwhelmed by it all. 

                        * If life should become too intense, or if they are traumatized or see and feel others being traumatized they will withdraw and disconnect from society in order to protect themselves. 

                        * Despite being quiet and self-effacing, others admire and are drawn to them like a magnet. They will have deep and lasting connections with humans who offer the unconditional love that the Crystal knows is the only true Love. 

                        * When a Crystal looks at you, you feel as if they have penetrated your very soul. 

                        * They really need very little traditional parenting as they are gentle, wise, and will be able to tell you what they need, as well as what is good or not good for them. When my son was very young, he said one day, "I can never drink alcohol or take any drugs at all!" And he hasn't! 

                        * They will often avoid crowds or malls, as there are too many different energies at such places for them to cope with. 

                        * They have a deep love for children and animals, and a remarkable way of connecting with all creatures. 

                        * Water is very beneficial in clearing and soothing them. They love baths, showers, waterfalls, fountains, playing in water and sand. 

                        * They require comfortable clothing of their choice of natural fibers and colors. 

                        * They require lots of pure water and often prefer fresh organic food. 

                        * It is not uncommon for these children to 'tell' their parents their name before they are born, and engage in other direct communication. 

                        * Miracles and magic happen around them - money appears, animals seek them out, babies smile at them, healings occur naturally and spontaneously. 

                        * They are extremely empathic to the point of knowing what a complete stranger in the street is feeling. 

                        * They have a fear of intimacy because they so easily feel invaded, not respected. They would rather be alone than have their "personal body space" disregarded. They may also avoid romantic relationships for fear of hurting another if the relationship ends. 

                        * There is an innocence, a guilelessness, a purity about Crystals; this is due to the absence of ego. 

                        * They may need help in learning to ground their energy with physical activity, nature, sports, martial arts, yoga or dance.

                        * They may disrupt electrical appliances, radios, TVs, computers. 

                        * They often refrain from showing emotion for fear of its amplification and losing control. This can make them appear to be flat or passionless. 

                        * They can feel responsible for someone dying or getting hurt or even fighting. 

                        * They can have periods of deep depression. 

                        * They respond well to body work, massage, and energy work by someone who is themselves balanced. Massage and cranio-sacral therapy may be crucial to keeping their bodies healthy and pain-free. 

                        * They will often have a high metabolism and be natural vegetarians. 

                        * They are bright, "big-picture" individuals with an instinctual understanding of the spiritual laws, and of how it all works. 

                        * They have a clear connection to their higher self, naturally accessing their highest guidance. It is precisely because of this connection that they know the truth of spiritual Oneness.

                        * They are natural healers and peacemakers. 

                        * They are multi-talented. 

                        * They are capable of regeneration of bone and tissue. Where most of us are gradually being upgraded - ascending to the Crystal energy, it is already in their DNA. 

                        * They may be individuals of a few words, but everyone listens when they quietly express their wisdom with humility. However, they will not give advice without being asked and will never interfere.

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